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Tiro’s Expertise in Sourcing “Scarce Skills”
Tiro’s Expertise in Recruiting Overseas Candidates for UK Roles
Tiro’s Expertise for Recruiting for “Cultural Fit”
Manpower Planning for an Exciting New Start Up
Head Hunting the perfect Sales Manager


Tiro’s Expertise in Sourcing “Scarce Skills”

The Brief:

Tiro has always had a foundation in Aerospace and Automotive since it was formed. One key account is a major global tier 1 specialising in Safety Electronics and Control systems.

Most of our work was with the UK site however we had a request to support the German Parent company.

The business was seeing acceleration in new technology coming through. Our client was struggling to resource critical projects at the kick off systems stage.

This balance of new technology together with drive from client was holding the company back in an emerging market. Competition is strong across the sector and the business was at risk of missing out on key OEM business

The role for Software Requirements was complex in terms of emerging technology and the brief was to

• Find an engineer with the specific technical knowledge only found in emerging technology

• Tier 1 delivery background for a major international company

• Exposure to the German manufacturing market and clients

• Capability to deliver a full life cycle product to market

Our Focus:

Limited resource pools require a head hunting approach with careful project and people management.

Key was to identify companies delivering the specific technology together with a client base of German OEM end users. Preparation work also included quickly profiling housing, schools, cultural and tax implication pack for the candidates. It was identified early in the process that this was the biggest issue when delivering engineers into the business.


Tiro Associate’s database covers the whole of Europe this has expanded in more recent years with bringing in junior consultants into the business with key language skills. We have been able to focus and corner pockets of key engineers throughout the EEC which has proved critical for our clients.

Our approach is not driven by advertising but by reaching out to candidates and solid networking. The days of apply and fill are long gone. The more complex the role the more likely the candidates are passive in work and not thinking about a move.

We focus on networking with great candidates; we see this approach as being the only option in a short skilled market. We are constantly looking to engage and identify potential availability

This constant proactive pooling of candidates really does pay off with critical hires. We were able to respond quickly with identifying key candidates together with logistics and culture fit. We delivered a strong blend of candidates straight into interview, offer and placement.


The automotive industry is moving at a very fast pace. Tier 1 automotive suppliers are having to respond at a much faster pace with the vehicle manufacturers. We are seeing a rapid rise in fast recruitment mobilisation. Those with the team get the project those without lose out. Tiro is well placed to be able to respond internationally to our clients and deliver that resource without delay.

Our work here has been rewarded with becoming an approved Global supplier to the business in recognition of our work.


Tiro’s Expertise in Recruiting Overseas Candidates for UK Roles

The Brief:

The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products. The company have seen a rapid expansion with the delivery of galleys as a tier 1 to the Airbus A350 program.

Tiro was tasked with sourcing a specialist Electrical Design Engineer for one of its UK sites. We have a track record of success in sourcing such engineers, having introduced the last 3 engineers in the department over the last 2 years, one of which was quickly promoted and relocated to HQ in the USA.


Having made the last 3 placements and our understanding of the real engineering requirements in the department we could go to work quickly.

The “like for like” market limited the availability of engineers being only one of two major global players in this unique market. Over the years the particular skill set had reduced to a hand full of people. Key to this project is to find the blend of transferable skills from other areas of Aerospace as the mechanical to electrical ratio of available engineers is around 100-1

Extensive research of the UK market it was clear there was a shortage of such specialist engineers. Therefore our team of recruiters utilised their language skills (we have fluent French, German, Italian, Romania and Spanish speakers at Tiro) to research the market in mainland Europe.

We targeted companies in Spain, France and Portugal as having that balance of skills and product exposure.

Two weeks later we were confident we had sourced three candidates, two in Spain and one in France with the correct technical profile, cultural fit committed to relocating to the UK on a permanent basis.


Transitioning engineers into the UK market is complex. Tiro’s approach to relocating engineers is the Key to successful outcome.

Managing the process within a short skills market place opened the boundaries to mainland Europe. Having the language skills combined with our robust recruitment process delivered the right outcome for both the candidate and client.

This work has benefited our client on a longer term now as we have created a network of placed candidates who are available to support and advice new placements in the future. This network are available to help with anything from “working in the UK” to more practical logistics advice like moving, bank accounts and housing.

We have hubs of engineers across the whole of UK and Europe and can immediately tap into for key technical requirements for the client.


Tiro’s Expertise for Recruiting for “Cultural Fit”

The Brief:

The company is recognised as one of the top 30 automotive suppliers globally and the leading powertrain development partner. An experienced Project Manager was required to oversee and report on a project based in China.

This was the first engine launch (£20m) venture to deliver 100% Chinese manufactured product. The key was to bridge between the technical design/manufacturing expertise in Europe and deliver a European standardised manufacturing into China.

Our Focus:

Key requirements:

• Powertrain Engine Launch design and build

• Direct experience of delivering an engine launch in China

• Managing the process, quality, ramp-up and launch.

• Manage communication locally and with the European team.

• Location outside of a major international city.


Sourcing for China is a complex mixture of cultural, e-pat salary diversity, location and pure problem solving. Sometimes the hardest part is getting a foothold. Fortunately we have a solid database where we can tap into both clients and the local ex-pat community to get a feel on the ground quickly.

Identifying the key issues mean we can help both our client though the process and manage candidates on the ground. Utilising that local knowledge can be critical ensuring a smooth placement.

Packages in China vary vastly with a complex combination of base salary, bonus, travel and accommodation. Feeding this back to the client was critical to going to market with a rounded attractive package for potential candidates.

By addressing front end issues we could quickly identify target companies, the key people and understand the local market. Our approach is to manage the hire risks upfront with the client not hope for the best at the end.

With roles like this we focus on achieving a clear benchmark with the client, through the use of template CVs and open discussion about salary packages. We devised a communication process to manage multi time zone availability logistics.

Key was providing a credible blend of candidates that could be screened and fine-tuned for second stage. Feedback from the first interview acted as a fine tuning for the search and we quickly identify the key candidate to go to final stage.

We recognise at Tiro when you reach offer stage you are only halfway there. This is very much the case where offers need to be approved in 3 zones. Managing this complex process can make or break an offer turning into a placement.

Proactive management with realistic timescales managed really helped the process. Roles like this can take 4-6 weeks to agree to the stage of final offer. By managing this we keep the process moving along all the way to a successful placement.


Candidate was offered in April and joined in June 2016


The hire of our candidate meant the company was able to commence the £20 million project in June 2016


Manpower Planning for an Exciting New Start Up

Company Profile:

A major startup based on delivering a Zero Emission Engine Technology. Work was based around a rankling based engine being developed to work on a liquid air fuel technology.


Following achieving its proof of concept the company needed to grow a dedicated team of engine development engineers to develop the engine to a full demonstrator level TRL 1 to TRL 8. The objective was to bring commercial based engineers in from industry to deliver a workable solution. This would involve managing the resource from 10 -20 -30 engineers and beyond over the first 2 years.

Issues and strategy:

The company is based in central London, not a powerhouse for engine development. Much of the front end work involved analysing resource risk and identifying key recruits in terms of powertrain expertise.

We developed a strategy based on technology and engineering development for candidates. The technology was a real selling point and we put together a full information pack to cover technology and the impact on the environment.

We also recognised it would be a real learning curve for engineers to get involved in floor up design of a new engine from lab to car. This was also incorporated into the pack to send a clear message to candidates.

Salary benchmarking was very important to A) Be above competition B) Attract candidates from pan Europe C) Sustain a good standard of living in London

We targeted the companies and countries we would source from.

First phase much of the core engine technology would be sourced from Italy, as heat recovery wise there was a real parallel with some of the technology being developed on the engine. We targeted key engineers, arranged interviews in Turin, and successfully sourced 3 engineers in one day.

Second phase, we wanted the very best calibration and test team; we looked at F1 and sourced 3 engineers (calibration, NI test and engine build)

Third phase was Design and component specialists. We sourced people from OEM and Tier 1 clients existing in the UK


In four months we built a team of 9 core engineers who would be the base of the development team.


The development of the engine is an ongoing growing team. We have entered into phase 2 now covering OEM Sales, Operations Management, TSB funded management and feasibility studies, Expansion of design, FEA and Quality team while building a separate Applications team focussed on working road trial engines. This phase is 4 months in and we have placed 6 of the 10 engineers.


The company has really benefited from working with Tiro Associates in a real partnership. They have managed to build a very complex team of engineers not just as individuals but to work and develop as a team. They have committed to Working with Tiro Associates on an exclusive basis; They see the value of working with a company who can partner on a technical and resource management level.


Head Hunting the perfect Sales Manager

The Brief:

The company is recognised as the largest plastic piping and accessories manufacturer in the UK, and in the top 10 in Europe. The company is equally recognised as the Number 1 in residential, Number 1 in commercial, and Number 1 in civils sectors. As part of a new business plan, the company was looking to recruit an experienced Sales Manager to help develop the fledgling new arm of the business, and through organic and acquisitive growth establish the business as an equally credible player in the industrial sector.


It was clear from the brief that in this challenging role energy, enthusiasm, creative thinking and vision were as important as a demonstrable track record of sales success.


A detailed search was conducted of the company’s main competitors to source sales professionals with the right market knowledge. This proved to be labour intensive, as although the sales people approached had relevant profiles, when spoken to they came across as “steady Eddie’s” – i.e. track record of achieving sales targets, but not with the strategic vision required to take increase our client’s market share.

After 2 full weeks of searching I was confident I had sourced three candidates with relevant industry experience and the all important drive and ambition essential for the role.

All progressed to 3rd interview stage and performed well the final stage interview. Feedback from the hiring manager was that all 3 candidates could do the job, however one candidate stood out with his positive “can do” attitude and strategic thinking.


Our candidate was offered in March 2015 and joined as National Sales Manager (Effast) May 2015


•  Improved working culture within a small sales team (dealt professionally and effectively with a “problem” resource)

• Better team working and people development. It’s a small team, but they are now actually operating as a team, John has provided a coaching and mentoring role where appropriate

• Pretty much achieved consistent quarter on quarter growth

• Developed a strong set of relationships with the larger Terrain sales team, through good networking

• Improved through training and coaching the technical knowledge within the sales team