providing a managed service or “RPO”

One of the biggest problems facing organisations in today’s ever evolving and fast paced world is available time to get everything done, whilst continuing to maintain and where possible improve efficiency and quality to product greater profits.

This is where we provide real value to your business. When you outsource your recruitment function to Tiro Associates Ltd, you will free up significant time allowing you to focus on your core business activities and improving your bottom line.

We bring all of your recruitment needs under one roof. Our group of trained professionals will gain an in depth understanding of your companies working practices and employment culture in order to effectively act as an internal part of your human resource facility.

We can:
• Save you time

Save you money
Give you a greater choice of candidate
Reduce the time to hire

What is a RPO?
RPO is Recruitment Process Outsourcing. In essence, we will partner with your HR department and take responsibility for all of your recruitment needs, from shaping your recruitment infrastructure to delivering the right candidates within the right cost and timescales.

How will this benefit our company?
Tiro will dramatically free up your time, reduce costs and give you a greater quantity and quality of candidate whilst sending a powerful message to the marketplace.

Will we lose control of the process?
On the contrary, Tiro Associates Ltd works in partnership with you and will take on as much or as little as you want, leaving you in total control. Our aim is that we are seen and perceived as one.

Working together we develop and implement proven best practice recruitment processes and methodologies that will not only complement but also greatly enhance your existing systems.

This information ranges from Job Descriptions with CV’s submitted against those jobs, CV tracking, Interview, Placement and Starter logs, Recruitment Statistics, as well as a complete tracking record for logging all communications both internally and externally ensuring everyone in the recruitment cycle is always up to date.

Can you also supply contract staff?
Yes, in fact, with one point of contact, your contract/temporary requirements can be streamlined, with all contractors working under the same terms and conditions and on the same payment cycles, whilst you will receive invoices from single source.

There is also a range of services available including the production of contractor rate cards to standardise pay and charge rates against specific skills and levels of experience to enable better budgeting for your business.

This consistency of approach will also reduce contractor ‘chatter’ which can so often cause disharmony on site.

Why move to a managed recruitment service?

Provides your company with a great service from a single point of contact who understands the market.

We provide a fee structure tailored to our clients expectations. This can work as flat or a percentage of starting salary. This is determined through discussions with you to assess your current recruitment needs (i.e. number of proposed hires, rates you have agreed with agents we will manage etc.).

We ensure a frequent and comprehensive management information/reporting to ensure the service is delivering to your expectations.

Allows us to build a partnership where the best available candidates are identified and managed through a clear, well understood recruitment process.

Enables us to select other agencies and providers who we feel will add value, who are managed by the single point of contact.

Gives you the flexibility to scale your company’s recruitment according to business need.

Our service provider manages all necessary internal and external recruitment-related queries (including current and prospective external agencies/suppliers).